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Constitution of Asian Ski Federation


Art 1.  (Name)

The name of the organization is “Asian Ski Federation” and is abbreviated as ASF.

Art 2.  (Purpose)

The purpose of the organization is to organize a network of Ski Associations/Federations to exchange information regarding FIS activities and work together for the betterment of ski techniques and the development of all skiing activities, as well as the further the friendship among the Ski Associations/Federations of Asia.

Art 3.  (Membership)

Membership will be open to Ski Associations/Federations of Asia subject to the followings on approval by the ASF Congress;

  • 3.1

    Applicants who are current members of the International Ski Federation (FIS/IVS).

  • 3.2

    Applicants who are not members of FIS/IVS must meet the following criteria duly certified by their National Olympic Committee (NOC);

    • 3.2.1

      Must collectively represent the ski associations of the country.

    • 3.2.2

      Must be recognized as the sole representative of the sport by the respective National Olympic Committee.

    • 3.2.3

      Must conduct competitions at the national level with participation from its member associations.

    • 3.2.4

      Must provide a copy of its organization along with the names of its member associations.

  • 3.3

    Affiliate membership may be granted to nations whose applications are being processed for approval on those that are in the development stage and have yet to meet the basic criteria.

    • 3.3.1

      Affiliate members may be invited to attend the ASF Congress as observers, but do not have the voting right.

Art 4.  (Withdrawal)

A Member Association/Federation will be automatically excluded if it applies for withdrawal of membership in writing.

Art 5.  (Officials)

5.1   Delegates:

Each Ski Association/Federation shall be represented by two delegates at the annual conference, hereafter called the Congress. The Congress is the legislative organ of this organization.

5.2   Council Members:

The Council is elected by the vote of the delegates at the Congress. A Council member cannot be a member of the Council and a delegate to Congress at the same time. If an Association/Federation Delegate is elected to a Council Member, that Ski Association/Federation must send another member as a Delegate.

Art 6.  (Council)

Council is the executive organ of the organization and consists of the following members.

6.1   President:

The President represents and commends whole activities of this organization. President chairs the Congress and Council and has a decisive vote when pro and con are even.

6.2   Vice President:

  • 6.2.1

    Up to 4 Vice Presidents support President and in case the president is absent or unable to carry out his duties, one of the Vice President will take over the duties of the President. Vice President may not belong to same Association/Federation as President.

  • 6.2.2

    2 vice presidents (total of 4) are selected each from eastern and western countries.

    (1) China,
    (1) India,
    (2) Hong Kong,
    (2) Iran,
    (3) Japan,
    (3) Kazakhstan,
    (4) Republic of
    Korea, KOR
    (4) Kyrgyzstan,
    (5) Mongolia,
    (5) Lebanon,
    (6) Nepal,
    (6) Pakistan,
    (7) D.P.R. Korea,
    (7) Tajikistan,
    (8) Taipei,
    (8) Uzbekistan,

6.3   Member:

Up to 8 members representing different Association/Federation will be elected as Director.

6.4   Secretary General:

Secretary General is appointed by President and responsible for the managerial works related to the activities organized.

6.5   Non-standing Member:

Non-standing member may present at the Council and Congress but with no voting right.

6.5.1   Honorary Member:

Honorary member group may express their opinions to Presidents.

6.5.1   Auditor:

Two auditors are in charge of auditing the financial reports and activities and reporting at the Council and Congress.

Art 7.  (Terms of Officials)

The Terms for officials are two years. Each official and the Council Member are re-eligible at will.

Art 8.  (Conference)


The Congress and the council will be held every spring; provided, however, in years when either the Asian Winter Games or the FIS International Congress is held, the Congress will be held at the same time and the site. The time and place of the Congress will be determined one year in advance. The President shall notify the Members of the Council and Delegates of the congress of the time and place of the Meetings.


If a Member cannot attend, his/her ski Association/Federation may appoint another person to attend instead. The topics of discussion at the meeting of the Council shall be submitted to the Council from the Congress. The Council meets, at the invitation of the President, as the business requires.

Art 9.  (Expenditures and Fees)

The expenditures of this organization shall be covered by membership fees plus contributions. The annual membership fee is US$ 300 to be paid at the time of the annual Congress. This fee covers office expenses and other minor expenses. The delegate of their respective ski Association/Federations will be responsible for all expenses related to attending the annual Congress.

Art 10. (Amendment)

This Constitution will become effective upon approval at the Congress and amendments can be made only at the Congress.

Art 11. (Secretariat)


The Secretariat will be located within the office of the Ski Associations/Federations of the President and a few liaison offices will be established when necessary.


The official language is English.

Art 12. (Others)

Any matters, which are not covered by this Constitution, shall be prevailed by FIS Statutes, Regulations and decisions from the Council and Congress.


  • May/24/1990: Established at Montreux, Switzerland
  • Aug/19/1992: 1st Revision in Tokyo, Japan
  • Jun/05/1994: 2nd Revision in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Jun/13/1995: 3rd Revision in Chinese Taipei
  • May/14/1996: 4th Revision in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • May/30/2000: 5th Revision in Melbourne, Australia
  • May/16/2018: 6th Revision in Costa Navarino, Greece (Art 6: 6.2 Vice President)